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Monday, November 16, 2009

Yummy Cakes for All Occasions

Just a suggestion to delicious cake apart from 'Secret Recipe'... 'Cake Sense' @ La Boheme that really touches our senses, honestly!!

Blueberry yadda yadda... suda lupa lah! but still can remember it's wonderful taste. layered with blueberry as well so blueberry is not only a 'bluff' on top. got also inside maaa... 2-3 friends came & wispered," got extra ah?"...ehehhehe... only rm59.00... so affordable.

another lovely treat from 'Cake Sense'... Chocolate Mousse... rupa2nya aiskrim kek... still got leftover that night but not the next day, hehehehhe. this one worth rm29.00... so good 4 your pocket. tq, 'Cake Sense'!!

oklah, this 1 is from Secret Recipe' that was sponsored from my student's mum... tq, Pn. May!! the chocolate chips side is more suitable to my sweet tooth. as for my students," belasah ajer asal free..."..eheheh

this 1 is special. why? coz it was made by my boss. even she made 2 and all licin!! tq, Pn. Cheng.

tiramisu bla bla bla... not of my taste... but it's from 'Cake Sense' as well.

ok, enjoice!!

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