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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dinner@Emporium Makan, Klang

     It's been a while since our last visit to this stall. I think more less 1 year... Tonight i felt like indulging pure, local Javanese food over there.

The premise in Emporium Makan, Klang. The brother in blue prepares lontong & the adik in green takes nasi lemak order, prepare for tapau and he is the cashier as well. Don't worry, he is quick type!! eheheh


The stall number 144 & 143 belong to 'Lontong Klang'. This stall can be easily seen when u pass by 'Pasar Jawa'

My Imran was very happy after some mouthful of nasi lemak & a roti canai.... "Snap my photo, Mama", he insisted. ehehehhehe

My hub indulging his Nasi Lemak Telur Goreng


My Nasi Lemak Sotong... heaven!!

Lontong... mmg sedapppp!!

The drinks... Iced Tea O & Iced Kalamansi

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner@Tesco Shah Alam

     Last night I asked my hub again to bring me to Tesco. Because, the Chinese-Muslim mee lah. Aiyooo!! sudah letak mandrem kots sampai myself teringat2....ehehehehhe

Orange Chicken Fried Rice... ordinary chicken fried rice, they just add orange sauce. Fulfilled my hub's taste buds. Means it's delicious lahhh for a good cook like him.


As for me, the base must be the home-made mee. At first decided to reorder Braised but change my mind last minute...ehehehhe... This is Mee Soup with Chicken. They put white raddish in it. Suprisingly, the 'funny' taste of the veg dissapeared!! This mee soup is suitable for those who are not fancy strong flavour of seasoning.

Dim Sum in Soup. The filling is from corriander leaves + chicken. The strong flavour from cooked corriander leaves is a bit no-no for me. But, we were able to finish all 10 dim sums!! hahahhaha...

Pineapple Juice for me... only rm 2.20... can you believe this? tp gelas kecik sikit dr yg biasa....

Air soya for my hub...

     Ok, tata!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dinner@Tesco Shah Alam

     My hub longs for sizzling mee and this place is the nearest to our house.

Braised Home-made Mee with Soft Tofu and Chicken made by Chinese-Muslim from China... soooo amazinggg!! What else can be said by a die-hard Chinese food fan?? But it must be halal, of course. I can taste the originality of the mee that blends well with the gravy.

My hub's fav, Sizzling Mee with Egg & Chicken... not bad

Apple ..... not juice lah coz it's not fresh... ok2 ajer


Mango drinks for my hub...

That's all for last nite....Papai!!

Dinner@Pak Li Kopitiam, SS 7, Shah Alam

     Just another suggestion to hub for 'wind of change'...ehehehhe

The Lemon Chicken Rice... same taste as the rest Pak Li's restaurant.

Tonight I try Snowy Ice Mango... as marveleous as Snowy Ice Durian... nyum nyum

Chocolate Moist that is not so moist... a no-no 4 me

Blueberry Cheese Tart... hmmm, the baker should attend more class after this...

     In conclusion, we still love Pak Li Ole2 as over there we have more parking lots and more serenity. Adioss!!

Last Day Mkn2 2009@SMKDJ

     It is like 'Farewell 2009' simple party in the canteen. Food were sponsored by Kelab Guru. Tq!!

simple & humble nasi lemak . But don't underestimate. Its taste is amazing!!

The ' every one-everyday-favourite' fried rice & fried mee hoon that day are not as they looks.

... but different for this ordinary porridge... it tastes great!! Maybe they put dried shrimp as flavour. Dried shrimp is an amazing flavour enhancer. The leaf i don't know the name but it's good too. I believe it is a herb but not sure of the name.

I didn't snap many shots for this occasion coz quite bz. So, adiosss!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farewell Party@ SMKDJ

     Today we got some 'makan2' for many reasons. Firstly, as a closure for 2009 session. 2nd, to celebrate Nov. & Dec. babies (which includes me...ehehehheh). Last but not the least, to bid farewell for 2 friends that got their transfer to hometown. Sad to 'separate' from them but at the same time sharing their happiness of going back to their families & spouse.... Farawahida & Madiana, don't forget us & SMKDJ... we pray 4 your happiness & good luck in new school.... love you both!!!

     And..... presenting the menu.....

sabar2... we browse tentative first arrr..... eheheheh

i don't know the cake's name but it's a chocolate cake... so-so for me.

this 1 is from 'Cake Sense'... hazelnut coffee or what. can't remember... but among those 3 cakes that day, this is the yummiest!!

i don't know what to label this... is it drinks for the day? or cocktail? or dessert? or drinks cum dessert? wallahuaklam... the mixture is= fresh squeezing lemon ( by the anak dara.... ehehehhehe, patut rasanya kaw beno) + canned longan + canned sea coconut + 7-up... the taste?? marvelous & refreshing!!

Lapis Talam... its kuih lapis lah... so tender & not so sweet...

 this local cake is called bingka ubi kayu... it is made of fresh tapioca... delicious as well

main course of the day... passembor... but so sorry i forgot to shot the actual passembor...haiyerr!! the gravy is ok, but a bit spicy.

don't forget the local fruit yeaaa... rich source of pottasium

ole-ole from Korea. Choong brought them. tq, Choong!! wait.... i snap close ups

this tit-bit is made from rice +  sugar. At first bite, it's tasteless as the rice is not coated with any flavourings. but then, there's sugar layer inside. so you got fooled by its 'appearance'. when you try, you can't stop chewing!! brilliant food.

can you guess what candy is this? it's a sesame candy! now i know how the pod looks like..... tastes good as well. it's a nougat.

alright, that's all folks!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Breakfast@Mc Donald Bandar Sunway, PJ

just enjoice the photos. too sleepy for any idea, lolz...

my big n heavy breakfast.

my fav sweety; hotcakes with margarine, corn syrup ( the best part ) and grape jam. unconsciously  sinful!! lolzz...

minute maid orange juice... to wash away the sweety 'dump' taken b4...

don't forget the hash brown.

not my breakfast anymore but its for my tea time. Hokkien Mee... yum yum..

Dinner@Bintang Walk, Ss 7, Shah Alam

2nd day of the week that spent in Bintang Walk....

my hub volunteered to be the model competing with our drinks.

Crystal Mango Jelly. tailed jelly is always my favourite. the sweetness of fresh mango compliment nicely with the ice. Awesome!!

sizzling yee mee. it's a no-no for me...

Hokkien mee... tastes ok, what else to say.

my son with his all time favourite.

Strawberry Cheese Ice Cream Cake.....yummmy!!!


Dinner@Pak Li Kopitiam, Ole-Ole Shah Alam

     Pak Li Kopitiam is a restaurant that we have been visiting frequently. The taste, affordable, cosy place and varieties of choice are the factors.

my meal that night; fried koay teow. really yummy. the taste is still the same even u have order for this for several time.

this is the most irresistable desert when i'm at Pak Li... Durian Snowy Ice Cendol... the durian paste is so thick that u will feel like having fresh durian. and of course, colourful tailed jelly. looks one kind also, rite? ehehheh

this is called 'Cham' which means tea+coffee. suitable for those who doesn't really like strong taste of coffee. the mixture of 2 everyone's favourite drinks make it so smooth and refreshing.

it's me getting ready for the 'battle'...ahahhaha

too good for words. the photo will talk on its own...;-)

so, that is it at Pak Li Kopitiam that night....