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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Raja Kunyit Durian@Tmn. Seri Muda, Shah Alam

     It is called 'King of Local Fruits'. Durian is a thorny fruit that was only seasonal but can be found almost all year round nowdays. For me, people who don't like durian have lost 1 of 'nikmat hidup di dunia'.... heheheheheh. So far, the best durian ever can be found from 1 chinese stall in Tmn. Seri Muda.

'kucing tidur' as my hubby said. Really ah?

aiyah!! The line & my letop really troublesome lah... later I upload more.... Tungguuuuu....


School holidays always been  wedding ceremony for most of the Malaysian. Informally, i was invited to the feast. It has been a while since I attended last wedding ceremony.

anti-clockwise: Acar Umbut Kelapa (sedap giler, lama x mkn), Ulam Kacang Botol, Ikan Masin, Sira Keledek, Sambal Belacan. In centre: Gulai Daging (Gulai Kawah) What a perfect match!!