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Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Day Mkn2 2009@SMKDJ

     It is like 'Farewell 2009' simple party in the canteen. Food were sponsored by Kelab Guru. Tq!!

simple & humble nasi lemak . But don't underestimate. Its taste is amazing!!

The ' every one-everyday-favourite' fried rice & fried mee hoon that day are not as they looks.

... but different for this ordinary porridge... it tastes great!! Maybe they put dried shrimp as flavour. Dried shrimp is an amazing flavour enhancer. The leaf i don't know the name but it's good too. I believe it is a herb but not sure of the name.

I didn't snap many shots for this occasion coz quite bz. So, adiosss!!

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