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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dinner@Tesco Shah Alam

     Last night I asked my hub again to bring me to Tesco. Because, the Chinese-Muslim mee lah. Aiyooo!! sudah letak mandrem kots sampai myself teringat2....ehehehehhe

Orange Chicken Fried Rice... ordinary chicken fried rice, they just add orange sauce. Fulfilled my hub's taste buds. Means it's delicious lahhh for a good cook like him.


As for me, the base must be the home-made mee. At first decided to reorder Braised but change my mind last minute...ehehehhe... This is Mee Soup with Chicken. They put white raddish in it. Suprisingly, the 'funny' taste of the veg dissapeared!! This mee soup is suitable for those who are not fancy strong flavour of seasoning.

Dim Sum in Soup. The filling is from corriander leaves + chicken. The strong flavour from cooked corriander leaves is a bit no-no for me. But, we were able to finish all 10 dim sums!! hahahhaha...

Pineapple Juice for me... only rm 2.20... can you believe this? tp gelas kecik sikit dr yg biasa....

Air soya for my hub...

     Ok, tata!!

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