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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Farewell Party@ SMKDJ

     Today we got some 'makan2' for many reasons. Firstly, as a closure for 2009 session. 2nd, to celebrate Nov. & Dec. babies (which includes me...ehehehheh). Last but not the least, to bid farewell for 2 friends that got their transfer to hometown. Sad to 'separate' from them but at the same time sharing their happiness of going back to their families & spouse.... Farawahida & Madiana, don't forget us & SMKDJ... we pray 4 your happiness & good luck in new school.... love you both!!!

     And..... presenting the menu.....

sabar2... we browse tentative first arrr..... eheheheh

i don't know the cake's name but it's a chocolate cake... so-so for me.

this 1 is from 'Cake Sense'... hazelnut coffee or what. can't remember... but among those 3 cakes that day, this is the yummiest!!

i don't know what to label this... is it drinks for the day? or cocktail? or dessert? or drinks cum dessert? wallahuaklam... the mixture is= fresh squeezing lemon ( by the anak dara.... ehehehhehe, patut rasanya kaw beno) + canned longan + canned sea coconut + 7-up... the taste?? marvelous & refreshing!!

Lapis Talam... its kuih lapis lah... so tender & not so sweet...

 this local cake is called bingka ubi kayu... it is made of fresh tapioca... delicious as well

main course of the day... passembor... but so sorry i forgot to shot the actual passembor...haiyerr!! the gravy is ok, but a bit spicy.

don't forget the local fruit yeaaa... rich source of pottasium

ole-ole from Korea. Choong brought them. tq, Choong!! wait.... i snap close ups

this tit-bit is made from rice +  sugar. At first bite, it's tasteless as the rice is not coated with any flavourings. but then, there's sugar layer inside. so you got fooled by its 'appearance'. when you try, you can't stop chewing!! brilliant food.

can you guess what candy is this? it's a sesame candy! now i know how the pod looks like..... tastes good as well. it's a nougat.

alright, that's all folks!!


E-na Zarina said...

Waaa mkn2 yg best ni...

akuzle said...

tuhlaaa, e-na... akhir2 thn neh nk diet pon x buleh... diet? ahahahahah... tp minggu last neh 'direct' seminggu mkn2 ajer....eheheheh