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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Starting of A Beginning

      I love eating. But it doesn't mean that i'll simply eat everything and anywhere (even it's anytime most of the time..;-)...lolz). Some 'treat' eating as merely putting food into mouth, chewing for several times then swallow. The 'routine' is repeated until the food is finished. After that, full already and that's it. It will begin again when it's the time for next meal. Sounds familiar? And rather boring??....

     What's my philosophy of eating? Easy saying but is it easy enough to do/follow? Will my pocket 'bear' when it's the time for me to eat? For me, eating should be:

1. when we are hungry

2. when it's the time to eat ( being forced is not considered )

3. this is what i love most.... EAT IT WITH FULL OF HEART!! (hearty meal comes from?)

4. when we could afford the expanses for the eating 'session'.....

      Only 4? Just 4? Enoughhlaaa.... lazy to think anymore, just excited to start my 1st. food blog and downloading food photo here.... so, enjoice!! Welcome to my world of eatinggg!!!


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