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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dinner@Pak Li Kopitiam, Ole-Ole Shah Alam

     Pak Li Kopitiam is a restaurant that we have been visiting frequently. The taste, affordable, cosy place and varieties of choice are the factors.

my meal that night; fried koay teow. really yummy. the taste is still the same even u have order for this for several time.

this is the most irresistable desert when i'm at Pak Li... Durian Snowy Ice Cendol... the durian paste is so thick that u will feel like having fresh durian. and of course, colourful tailed jelly. looks one kind also, rite? ehehheh

this is called 'Cham' which means tea+coffee. suitable for those who doesn't really like strong taste of coffee. the mixture of 2 everyone's favourite drinks make it so smooth and refreshing.

it's me getting ready for the 'battle'...ahahhaha

too good for words. the photo will talk on its own...;-)

so, that is it at Pak Li Kopitiam that night....


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