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Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Hubby's Birthday Celebration@Papa John,Sunway Pyramid

     My husband's birthday this year was so 'cute'. Why cute? Is it because of the present? Definately not! But instead of the date and the age itself. His birthday was on 30 July and he is 30 years old this year. Cute enough? ehehehhe.....

     It has been a while since our first dinner at Papa John. I would say I love PJ more than Pizza Hut. In term of pizza's crust and the freshness of ingredient used. Not to say that all ingredient PJ used were all fresh but most of it as we can taste and feel it.
Entrance: the brother in light green will help you in. Papa John is on Ground Floor so when you enter main entrance of Sunway Pyramid you turn right and walk straight, you can find it. Or side door at new wing.

The Full Imran with his 'Papa Junior Meal'. Tak sempat nak snap coz lapau benau dah....eheheh

Ini 'breadstick' yg terlambat sampai so tapau ajerlerrr... sok campak dalam tong sampah coz dh kerasss...huhhuu

Sempat cilok 'breadstick' n cicah ngan cheese sauce. Memang maveles biler panas2.

Reganya? Lebey kureng Pizza Hut kots eh??

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