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Saturday, October 23, 2010


     Tonight, we have chance to do dinner date after so long. Should be practiced more in the future, cheewwaahhh!!!
     I have been waiting to try Popeye's meal after I saw a phamplet. Alhamdulillah! Tonight I have that chance. Tq to Nuffnang, not because they treat me...well, yeah...they do treat me with the free movie tickets but the reason to go there made it into reality for me to eat at Popeye. So, plz 'layan'ing the photos.....

The signboard tp kt dlm daaa... yg kt luar lupo mau senap

Strawberry Cheese Cake... maveles!!
Menuku: Boneless Chicken.... mmg sodap aih!

Berselera tak?

     Haiyah! Itu seber kong kang king tuh..... enjoy these photos dlu laa yea? tqvm....

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